Zapier is a standalone platform where you can create automations between more than 400+ apps by using Triggers and Actions. Zap constitutes 1 Trigger and 1 Action. 

A Trigger is any event that sets your Zap in motion. Some examples of Triggers include a new follower on Instagram, new Tweet on Twitter, a new Starred email in Gmail, etc. 

An Action is an event which automatically executed once any Trigger activity happens. Some examples of Actions include Sending message to a group of numbers using Solutions Infini, Appending text to a note in Evernote, Adding a new spreadsheet row in a Google Doc, or Creating a new card in Trello.

To set up Solutions Infini and Zapier integration, you just need to search ‘Solutions Infini’ Application on Zapier marketplace.  After selecting Triggers and Actions, you might need the following items:

  1. An active Solutions Infini Global Account
    1. API key
    2. Sender ID
  2. An active access to Zapier account

You may opt 'Solutions Infini' as an Action to leverage our SMS services within your Zaps. Currently, SI exposes 2 actions:

  1. Send Message to a group: You may choose this action to send message to a group of numbers. You must have created group on your Solutions Infini Global account.
  2. Send Message : You may choose this action to send SMS notifications to specific number(s) along with country code.

Here are few Zap templates which you may leverage on Zapier platform using Solutions Infini Global messaging services. You may also directly use such templates here.