No, you cannot use any random Sender ID within your IVR or anywhere else. You need to request for newly valid Sender ID and get the approval from Solutions Infini. Once we approve the same, customer can start using the approved Sender IDs. 

Guidelines for requesting Sender ID: 

1. Sender ID should be 6 characters long.

2. Sender ID should be unique

3. Sender ID must be related to your Organisation name or your services.

 Steps to request Sender ID:

 I. Customer will request for new Sender ID by clicking on NEW button. 

    Go to Side Menu--> Manage--> Manage Sender ID

II. Add Sender ID details on the pop-up window. 

III. Once you submit the Sender ID request, we will validate and approve your Sender ID. 

If you want to use the requested Sender ID across your Voice account, then go to Account Settings under Settings option. Choose your Sender ID from the dropdown under SMS settings. Your approved Sender ID will be displayed under Sender ID options. 

If you choose "Default" as a default Sender ID across your Voice account, then all the messages will be executed using "DIALST" sender ID.