• What is the full form of IVR

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Responses, which accounts to an automated cloud system that can play pre recorded messages, when a customer dials a number.

  • Why is IVR used?

IVR is used by enterprises to manage their business calls. IVR can automate the business calls and reduce manual effort. IVR plays a key role in the customer support process.

  • What is multi level IVR

Multi Level IVR enables you to create multiple levels of pre recorded messages, that enable the user to perform multiple actions. For example, a user can be redirected to the sales team upon pressing 2, then enable to address a concern regarding a recent purchase upon pressing 3, then redirects to the sales team representative who'll resolve the concern upon pressing 1. 

  • How to create Multi Level IVR

To create Multi Level IVR, you'll need access to our IVR Studio, which is a platform that'll enable you to create your own IVR Flow with easy to use 'Drag & Drop' Widgets.

  • Can you change the flow of IVR

The IVR flow can be changed and edited at any point of time, as it is built on simple "drag and drop" widgets.

  • Can you track calls through IVR

Calls can be tracked through IVR Real time analytics which give insights to the call patterns and customer behavior.

  • How efficient are the analytics that are displayed?

The metrics are real and can be traced using multiple filters. Filter as per sender ID, mobile number, email or date wise, as per your convenience.

  • Can I create my own greeting message?

Yes, you can create your own greeting message using text-to-speech, or upload an audio file, as per your convenience.