Once your account is created, you need to perform following steps:

I. Request for Sender-ID

1. Go to Side Menu-- >Manage Items--> Manage Documents

2. Click on +NEW icon to upload document(s) related to your company details.

3. We will approve your document if it would depict your company details.

4. Go to Side Menu-->Manage Items--> Manage Sender IDs

5. Click on +NEW icon to create a new Sender ID to send SMS campaigns

6. Once we approve your Sender ID, you may send SMS further.

6. Your subscribers or customers will receive SMS from the requested Sender ID

II. Check if you have the number of credits for the number of SMS you want to send. If not, then you may also recharge or top up your account anytime if you are running out of credits. Go to your Account Settings page to request more credits for respective account. If you wish to pay instantly, you will be redirected to our payment gateway else just request for credits, we will take care of the rest.

III. Go to Send SMS--> Quick Send SMS/Unicode SMS/ Bulk SMS/ Customized SMS and start sending SMS campaigns