Yes, SendOTP route is generally for SendOTP. If you are looking for OTPservices, we would suggest you to opt for sendOTP route because it has various advantages over the traditional transactional route:

  1. Voice and Email backup for failed or delayed SMS OTPs
  2. We generate and send OTP on your behalf; User has to verify only. You just have to call our APIs.
  3. The back-end algorithm makes sure that OTP is processed from our end in less than half-a-second.

You may also use our Valify services for 2FA. Through Valify, you will receive extraordinary services as far as Two-Factor authentication is concerned:

1. Send OTP via 3 different channels; SMS, Voice & Email

2. Decide channels` sequence for sending OTPs

3. View analytics of all your OTPs 

4. Check which users have verified using OTP