Multiple user login, how does it work?

Solutions Infini provides multiple login for users, through which the business can access our platforms through multiple IDs. This is a free of cost feature that can enable multiple accesses to a single account.

128 SSL encryption, how does it help?

Encrypting data can help you solve issues that challenge the data security and access controls. Through Encrypting the data, it's lesser prone to attacks and vulnerabilities.

How do I use call conference feature?

Call conference can be used through our Voice Application, where you can drag and drop the "conference" feature to create a conference call.

Voice reports, how do i get them?

Once you get access to the Voice application and start using the telephony features, you automatically get reports from the "Dashboard" shown below:

Custom welcome message, how to use them?

To use your custom message, you can use "text-to-speech" option, or upload the file of your choice. The application interface attached below, gives clear insight on using custom welcome messages.

VIP Number, how can i get one?

To get a VIP number, you can get in touch with or call us at 080-40275555.

International number, how can i get one?

To get a International number, you can get in touch with or call us at 080-40275555.

How can i get a toll free number?

To get a Toll free number, you can get in touch with or call us at 080-40275555.

How do I make outbound calls?

To make outbound calls, get in touch with our support team at, sign up for our Voice services and your'e all set to make your outbound calls.

How can I download call recordings?

You can download "Call recordings" from our Voice Application, from the "Voice Recordings" menu. There's a download button which is represented in the image below:

Do I get notifications for missed calls? Where do they show up?

Missed calls are seen in the Voice Application under the section "Call Logs". Attaching an image below for reference.

I can’t find the call recordings. What can be done?

You can find the "call recordings" in the section "Voice recordings" on the Voice Application. However, if you are not able to find them, you can get in touch with the support team at

How do I transfer call to my co worker?

You can transfer the call by dialing #1 followed by the 10 digit mobile number. For example, you can dial #1987654321

Is it possible to pause a campaign?

Yes. You can pause or deactivate a campaign on demand. You can get in touch with the support team at

How to block calls from a specific number?

Through the Voice Application, you can use the "Call Blacklisting" option to block a specific number.

Why are calls not routed to all the agents?

In case "Sticky Agent" is enabled, the repeated calls get connected to the same agent. You can enable " Smart Dialling" to route calls automatically to available agent. There are 3 factors AGents Call Routing depends upon: (1) Queue (2) Date/Time widget (3) Agent Status 

What is sticky agent?

Sticky agent connects the call to the same agent who handled the previous case history of the customer. This avoids the need for repetition and enables smart and effective follow ups.