1. Please provide me API url and API key to send SMS

A:  Please find API url as below:


2. In -order to get API, please find below steps to create API,

a. Go to Developer option, click on API keys.

b. Click on +new,

     * If you need to create API with IP restriction, enter IP address and click on save.

     *If you need to create API with dynamic IP, Do not enter any IP address and click on save.

c. API key will be send to your registered mail-id.

3. I am unable to send sms from API ,below are the common errors:

Sender-id not found

If sender-id which you have enter is not belongs to particular API or account you get this error. Please verify sender-id before sending sms

Template miss match

If sms content is not approved and you’re trying to send same, you will get this error.

   It is advisable to take approval of content before sending same.

API account suspended

Usually this error will occur when any of the parameter (sender-id, API key) is incorrect.

4. I am submitting SMS content without special character but SMS is submitting with some special characters. Why? 

A: It is always advisable to do encoding before sending through API .

5. Please let me know how many no. sms can be send in one go via API?

A: If your using http API you can send up to  20 numbers in one go.

If your using xml API you can send up to 5000 numbers in one batch.

6. Is there any option to get report through API

A: Yes, we have an option to get delivery logs to specified location through DLR url and it is provided in real time basis.

Ex:  http://api-alerts.solutionsinfini.com/v3/?method=sms&api_key=Ad9e5XXXXXXXXXXXXX&to=997XXXXXXX&sender=INFXXX&message=message&


Response as seen in Server

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