1. What is a Transactional SMS?

A: SMS which have a informatic and intimate contents in the template comes under this category.ex:verification of passwords.

2. What is Promotional SMS?

A: SMS which have promotional content in the template in order to promote a specific company or products comes under this category. For example: SMS on monthly offers on a particular brand T-Shirt from a shop or a mall.

3. Please specify the transmission timing of Transactional and Promotional SMS 

A: Transactional Route - 24/7 round the clock , 365 days 

     Promotional Route -  9 A.M to 9 P.M.

4. What is TRAI? 

A: Telecom regulatory authority of India.

5. Specify the characters used in Sender id


  •  Transactional -   6  character Alphabetic.
  •  Promotional   -   6 digit Numeric ID .

6. Can I send transactional SMS in promotional panel

A: Yes informational SMS can be sent in Promo panel but not vice -versa.

7. What is the purpose of Sender ID and Yemplate approval

A: To verify whether the holder of sender id is genuine or not and template approval is required to verify that no unnecessary content is sent through it.

8. What would be the outcome if promotional sms is sent after 9 P.M

A: It' s against the TRAI rules so the customer can file a case against the company. Our platform will filter out such message if attempted to send after 9 PM 

9. Differentiate between Sender ID and Template 

A: Sender id-is the header of the sms where as the template is the content of the sms.

10. What do you mean by Optin details

A: The documents or details  produced for optin verification by the customer for the approval of Sender ID is know as optin details.

Ex-in scenario of school ,Optin details includes admission forms.

11.What would be the outcome if promotional SMS are sent after 9 P.M?

A: Penalty would be laid on the company.

12. Are there separate charges on occasion of national festivals?

A:  No, the same pricing is there through out the year.

13 .What is valid optins?


  • Should be a pre-registration form of the customer where he precisely agrees to receive sms from your portal.
  • Date of registration should not exceed more than 6 months from the current date .
  • The URL or the company entity name should match up with the sender-id .

14. How many credits will I be charged for an SMS? 

A: Message Length - Multipart Messages

1.1 Standard GSM 03.38 Character Set

Single text messages are limited to 160 characters, including spaces. The maximum length of two-part or three-part multipart text messages is 306 (2 x 153) and 459 (3 x 153) characters, respectively. You could send up to 1000 characters as multipart message which will be split into 7 messages internally. This refers only to messages that contain the standard GSM 03.38 character set.Each multipart text message is limited to
153 characters rather than 160 due to the need for user-data headers (UDHs) information. Mobile phones use UDH information to enable them to link long messages together so that they appear as single SMS messages in recipient’s phone inbox.

1 SMS Up to 160 characters
2 SMS Up to 306 characters (2 x 153)
3 SMS Up to 459 characters (3 x 153)
4 SMS Up to 612 characters (4 x 153)
5 SMS Up to 765 characters (5 x 153)
6 SMS Up to 918 characters (6 x 153)
7 SMS Up to 1000 characters (6 x 153) + (1 x 82)

1.2 Unicode Characters

Using Unicode, for languages such as Hindi, restricts your message to a maximum of 70 characters per SMS. You can, however, send longer text messages, with our system splitting them into two or at the three separate text messages. The maximum lengths of two-part and three-part multipart Unicode text messages are 134 (2 x 67) and 201 (3 x 67) characters, respectively. You could send up to 500 characters as multipart message
which will be split into 8 messages internally. 

1 SMS Up to 70 characters
2 SMS Up to 134 characters (2 x 67)
3 SMS Up to 201 characters (3 x 67)
4 SMS Up to 268 characters (4 x 67)
5 SMS Up to 335 characters (5 x 67)
6 SMS Up to 402 characters (6 x 67)
7 SMS Up to 469 characters (7 x 67)
8 SMS Up to 500 characters (7 x 67)+ (1 x 31)

15. What is the maximum length of SMS that can be sent from platform?

A: 1000 normal characters.

     500 unicode characters.

16. Give examples of Transactional SMS

A: Verification of passwords,daily account balance,Time table ,etc.which is information to be shared for the individual.

17 Give examples of promotional SMS

A: brand offers on any products of that specific brand.

18.Can a non Do not Disturb(DND) subscriber file a  DND complaint

A: No, the customer should have been enrolled for the DND policy .

19. How to we approve templates and sender id in promotional Panel

A: We don't approve templates nor sender-ids  In promotional panel, by defualt the sender-id would be set to Bulk sms .

while the sms are triggered the sender-id is taken in random alpha numeric.

20.What is Dynamic Sender ID?

A: Sender ID which is channelized under open route which does not require template approval .

21.Difference between Normal and Unicode messages?

A: Normal sms are messages in international languages usually English.

    Unicode sms are in regional languages.

22.What is the Maximum character allowed in one message?

1000 char.

23.Can we approve sender id with Special Characters ?

A: No the sender-id should be of 6 character alphabets related to the main company/brand name .

24.How many sender ids we CAN CREATE in user?

A: As many as required or requested by the user.

25.What special characters are not supported in the panel?

A: Special characters as @,|,",',; are not supported in the panel.

26. What do you mean by error sender-id not found?

A:  It means that template check is not given to the username.