1) How do I send a message?

A. Login to your Panel-> Send message>Quick Send>Type message and mobile numbers. The message content must match the pre-approved template

2) While Sending Message I receive an Error message: "Invalid template match", even after template approval. Why?

A. Please check the message content matches with the pre-approved template content. If the issue persists, contact our support team

3) How can I send different messages to different numbers?

A. We have an option known as Customize SMS in the panel:

    • Prepare excel file for two columns MOBILE NUMBER and CONTENT. 
    • Upload the file.
    • After upload is completed- Select the column containing mobile number, and column containing ref number(if any).
    • Double click on the content column to paste it on the right message box and preview the same before sending

    • Prepare excel for multiple fields for only values without the whole template.
    • After the upload is completed-
    • Select the mobile and reference column(if any).
    • Paste the pre-noted templates in which the dynamic variables are to be placed.
    • Type or cut-paste the fields in flower brackets in the main content on the right and preview it.

4) Why am I getting charged 2 credits for a Single SMS?

A. There are several reasons for this: 

  •     The number of characters in the message has crossed 160
  •     The content of the sms contains unicode characters or special character sets which is charging multiple credits.

Q5) Send SMS Now Option is not appearing at the time of execution? 

A. The send sms option disappears sometimes when the system detects the presence of special characters in the

content of the sms. The special charcters are usually marked in red on the preview pane, but can also make the Send Now option

disappear. In this case, the special characters are still present, but not visible.They can get hidden in the place of

spaces, which then needs to manually corrected. 

Q6) Delivery Report not showing SMS content? 

A. While generating reports, after giving the date range, please do specify the type of report required. i.e.

Usage summary report or SMS Text report. The system will take time accordingly to allocate the given results, which will depend on the amount of usage.

7) While using Bulk Upload, do I have to include  Mobile Numbers with 10 digit format or along with the country code as well?

A. The platform is designed in such a way to include all mobile numbers regardless of the length, as it captures the mobile numbers from the last digit to the first and takes only first ten digits, thus satisfying the purpose. You can enter either formats. 

8) Why does my campaign report disappear from the panel?

A. The sent items are present on the panel for three days only, post which they can only be accessed through detailed

reports which can be accessed for as long as 90 days before the present day.The sent items though will keep a record

of the campaign untill it is scheduled from the panel i.e the record of scheduled campaign will be visible from the present

day till three days after execution.

9) What is the recommended format of files and limit of mobile numbers to send sms.

A. The prescribed limit falls under the following-

  • Quick Send sms- 50,000 (50k)
  • Bulk Upload sms- 10,00,000 (10Lacs)
  • Customize sms- 5,00,000 (5 Lacs)

The valid formats which can be uploaded are- .txt , .xlsx , .csv

The character limit for sending message at one go is as high as 1000 charcters per SMS

10) What is the significance of campaign name?

A. The campaign name provides a unique name for the campaign as a reference in order to

segregate that particular campaign from others, while view/ generating a report. We generally suggest to mention the date of execution in the campaign name as well so that each name becomes unique to avoid confusion.